Международная юридическая консультация

международная юридическая консультация

Международная Юридическая Компания предлагает своим клиентам Мы предоставляем юридические консультации и качественную юридическую. Международные юридические услуги, помощь в решении проблем с бизнеса или переездом в другую страну, вам не обойтись без консультации специалиста. представление интересов физических и юридических лиц в судах. Международная юридическая компания Interlegal - услуги в сферах транспорта, морских перевозок и международной торговли, Консультации.

Как найти хорошего международного юриста -

Дамы и господа,. Я создалa Юридическyю фирмy по международным юридическим консультациям в бизнесе с целью предоставления нашим деловым партнерам — предпринимателям комплексных юридических услуг на самом высоком уровне, гарантирующих долгосрочную юридическую безопасность. Эта мысль стала главным посланием нашей деятельности и миссией, которую мы реализуем в нашей повседневной работе.

Юридическая фирма развивается динамично, и ее молодая и опытная команда в настоящее время состоит из 16 человек: юрисконсультов, адвокатов, юристов-практиков, докторов наук и аспирантов. За двенадцать лет работы юридической фирмы мы доверяли более предпринимателей, как отечественных, так и иностранных, из различных отраслей.

Our business partners receive from us the full legal service in all areas of law and all aspects necessary in business. Currently, our office is perceived as an expert in the field of construction law, civil law and the law in building construction products.

The information we obtain is a key success factor for a variety of transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and investments. A business success or failure is determined by various factors, often independent of the entrepreneur.

However, starting a business activity and choosing its organizational form is in the hands of the entrepreneur. Our Office has rendered a comprehensive services an examination of the legal and financial state of acquired company — due diligence, the choice of a form of a takeover: the merger of companies, the absorption of the acquired company, the acquisition of sole assets of the acquired company, the creation of a contractual and financial or decision-making relationship, negotiating the terms of acquisition, implementing changes in the internal regulations of companies and their registration during a series of complex mergers and acquisitions, including those of international character.

Properly and efficiently carried out acquisition results in and development of business, however, if carried out incorrectly can undermine even the strongest entrepreneur.

Therefore it is vital, to entrust the whole process to the lawyers who have specialized expertise in this area and such is provided by knowledge and experience of employees of the Office. It is crucial to conduct efficient liquidation of the company, in particular the recovery of its debts and disposals of assets of the company with maximum profit.

The employees of the Office have the knowledge and practical skills necessary for the proper handling of the legal process of liquidation of business activity, arising both from the will of the owners of the company liquidation , as well as from compulsory liquidation, related to the state of bankruptcy of abusiness, which significantly allows to mitigate its effects.

The first years of the operation strengthened our position as a reliable partner for many foreign investors, both from the EU and all over the world, including the Eastern European and Asian markets. Polish entities that are part of larger international capital groups and those whose business activity is based on the export of products and services are also among our regular customers. Since the first days of operation of the Office, special emphasis has been placed on such a selection of staff and cooperating partners so as to provide international clients or their partners with top-level cooperation.

Therefore, the entire team of the Office is fluent in, at least, one foreign language, therefore comprehensive legal and business services are rendered both in Polish and English. Our biggest court case won so far concerned the royalties in the amount of more than PLN 42 m.

We have successfully conducted many complex cases, in particular in the field of copyrights, unfair competition law, construction law and insurance law. Before starting each case we always conduct a detailed analysis of the factual and legal state of the case — assessing the chances of success. The ability to conduct conversations with others to reach a satisfactory agreement is a very important skill that could determine our success or failure in personal lives.

The same is true about business, where often the success of certain projects is determined by well-conducted negotiations or, in the event of a conflict, the ability to conclude a favorable settlement. In order to conclude a settlement sometimes, it is enough to present to the other side, the proposal, which is grounded in terms of law and business, however, on other occasions we need to resolve the conflict through the proceedings before the mediator or arbitration court.

The person we need is a well-educated lawyer, with practical experience, who is familiar with the rules governing the business market. In my Office, I employ only this kind of lawyers. Our assistance can make an agreement conclusion or resolution of conflicts easier, and you will feel confident and secure in your dealings with other entrepreneurs.

In business, it is very important to believe the contractors. However, sometimes it happens that contractors, abusing our trust, do not fulfill their services or do not pay for the goods or services.

Knowledge of what to do in such cases, and how to recover the debts in the quickest and most efficient way is priceless. It is the best to ask someone who has experience in this field, and who will be able to represent us both before the courts and in dealings with the bailiff. Our Office has been engaged in, among others, recovery issues, both these great ones and also those some smaller ones. Using our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm we try to help everyone.

Our goal is to regain what our client deserves. We render services to the companies that use modern technology to present their offer on the everyday basis, as well as to those engaged in the production relating to the field of new technologies.

We make sure that our customers treat us not only as law professionals but also as their business partners who know the specific characteristics of their branch. In our everyday work, we use modern technology to enable the customers easier contact with us and provide them with quick service and professional support in their relationships with business partners.

The team of committed lawyers who understand the needs and specificities of activity of our business partners are at your disposal. Our priority is to master the unique areas of business activities of our Partners so that the legal service rendered is the most efficient and effective. Is the highest value of the dispute of legal processes carried out by our Office. Is the number of agreements which we have prepared wrote or endorsed and negotiated and the number is growing.

Is the number of cases for damages for personal injury we have conducted. The number of entrepreneurs who have benefited from our legal assistance. The number of investment processes in which we have rendered our services to their participants investors, contractors, subcontractors.

Is the exceeded number of companies of commercial law which we have formed, transformed, or audited. The number which soon will be reached as far as the comprehensive legal service rendered to entrepreneurs is considered. Is the number of years during which we have been operating as an Attorney-at-law Office. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut velit velit, eleifend eu laoreet eget, hendrerit et nulla.

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Donec suscipit dolor risus, in posuere nisi facilisis sit amet. Nullam lobortis risus eget ante volutpat, et luctus justo semper. Pellentesque ut sapien at arcu feugiat volutpat. Предыдущий Следующий. Приглашаем вас в нашу группу. TOP Business Profile. Comprehensive legal service for entrepreneurs. Legal service for constructing projects. Our lawyers have prepared and endorsed hundreds of contracts in the field of construction of a total value of more than one billion zlotys!

We offer our clients comprehensive support in designing and endorsing of all construction agreements, and we ensure support in the negotiations preceding the conclusion of these agreements. We provide ongoing legal services for construction projects and represent our clients in disputes arising out of construction contracts.

We know the specific nature of the construction process, the mutual relationships between its participants and differences in expectations and attitudes between the investor, contractor, and subcontractors. We offer our clients assistance in the conduct of administrative proceedings connected with the determination of construction conditions and obtaining building permits before administrative bodies for building and architecture and in administrative proceedings concerning the legalization of arbitrarily constructed buildings and other building works, which require a building permit or notification.

In these cases, we represent our clients before public administrative bodies and administrative courts. We provide ongoing legal services for several construction companies, including international capital group operating in the construction industry. In addition, our Office is cooperating with the notified bodies of research and certification on the regular basis, among others with:.

The Founder of the Office Ms. D has also participated, as a legal consultant, in legislative work relating to payment guarantee in the investment process.

Consulting and legal audits including businesses and real estates. We have conducted several audits of companies, businesses, and real estates. We provide legal advisory services in the scope of law relating to the economic activity. We treat each issue or project individually, taking into account not only the purely legal aspect of it, but also the specificity of the given industry and the needs and legal — economic situation of the enterprise. We assess the legal risks of the planned projects and investments.

We always find some alternative solutions to the problem by presenting the benefits and risks associated with them. We perform an objective legal analysis, which consists mainly of monitoring of the operations and procedures undertaken in the enterprise and the functioning of internal legal acts and their conformity with generally applicable laws. The report drawn on this basis shows the facts of the case and its compliance with applicable laws.

If any discrepancies occur, we indicate the risks involved and the procedures to implement in order to line with the law. We also audit properties, conduct the analysis of the legal status set out in the land registry, and then we verify it with actual facts of the case.

We indicate risks associated with buying a property and offer solutions to minimize this risk. Companies Formations we have formed capital companies and representative offices in Poland and abroad; we have helped both Polish and foreign investors among others. Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, China ; we have helped investments processes of both individual entrepreneurs and capital groups; we have helped in investment in different branches, including construction, technology, automotive and textile; we have serviced the investments of various sizes from several thousand to several million.

Legal service for the start of business is aimed to and includes: proposing to an investor optimal — from their point of view, their needs and nature of the planned activities — a legal form of business; preparation of an investment agreement agreements of partners ; preparing a set of documents necessary to start a business; obtaining the necessary registrations, declarations, and permits; A business success or failure is determined by various factors, often independent of the entrepreneur.

We mitigate business risk connected with the transactions. Liquidations Companies It is crucial to conduct efficient liquidation of the company, in particular the recovery of its debts and disposals of assets of the company with maximum profit.

Foreign capital service. We provide high-quality services to clients from around the world. Unfair competition including antitrust issues , counteracting of unfair commercial practices. For years, the Law Office has been successfully dealing with issues related to unfair competition and counteracting unfair market practices.

Для успешного взаимодействия с иностранными партнерами знание норм международного права, а также законодательства своего и чужого государства просто необходимо. Вне зависимости от того, решаете ли вы вопросы, связанные с имуществом, ведением бизнеса или переездом в другую страну, вам не обойтись без консультации специалиста.

Юристы харьковской ТПП проанализируют вашу ситуацию с правовой точки зрения, а также найдут оптимальные варианты разрешения международная юридическая консультация и выполнения поставленных задач. Мы проконсультируем Вас по возникшим вопросам и юридическая консультация трудовой грамотно их решить. С нами Вы можете быть уверены, что у Вас не возникнет проблем. Вы здесь:. Международные юридические услуги.

Международные юридические услуги, оказываемые Палатой:. Юридическая помощь оказывается в следующих странах:. Преимущества сотрудничества с Харьковской ТПП.

Профессионализм: мы следим за последними изменениями в законодательстве и постоянно повышаем профессиональный уровень предоставляемых юридических услуг. Конфиденциальность: личная информация, которая стала нам известной в процессе рассмотрения дела, остается Вашей личной информацией. Мы даем конкретные рекомендации по каждому делу, чтобы проблемная ситуация разрешилась с максимально позитивным для Вас результатом.

Нужна помощь? Напишите нам! Мащенко Наталья Викторовна.

международная юридическая консультация


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